Mission, Vision and Values Statement 

The mission of the Lincoln Park Police Department is to provide the highest degree of law enforcement and public safety services to the citizens of the Borough of Lincoln Park to enhance the quality of life and maintain a safe and peaceful community.

Our vision is to work collaboratively with the community to create an environment free from hazardous situations and criminal activity.

Our fundamental duty is to protect the innocent and safeguard the constitutional rights of liberty, equality, and justice for all. This can only be achieved through exhibiting the highest level of values; honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, fairness, and professionalism are indispensable and demanded qualities of all Lincoln Park Police Officers.

Police Department Organization

The Lincoln Park Police Department serves a variety of functions and is segmented into two main divisions. Operations Division and Support Services Division. The Organizational Chart should help explain the chain of command within the department.

The Lincoln Park Police Department operates under the concept of "Unity of Command" which means that every officer reports to only one supervisor up the chain of command to the Office of the Chief.

In addition the Division Commanders have a variety state mandated tasks assigned to them in addition to policing.

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Med Return Program:  DEA-authorized collectors safely and securely collect and dispose of pharmaceutical controlled substances and other prescription drugs. In your community, authorized collection sites may be retail pharmacies, hospital or clinic pharmacies, and law enforcement locations.

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