Permits to Carry Firearms

If you are seeking a Permit to Carry a Handgun, a permit to carry is required for any handgun, concealed or not, and it must be renewed every 2 years. Only 1 permit needs to be obtained for all such handguns.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun, you must also:
  • Supply proof of your familiarity with handguns
  • Include endorsements from 3 individuals attesting to your good moral character and ability to exercise self-control
  • Have a justifiable need to carry a handgun,
  • Provide a description and serial number for every handgun you intend to carry
Permit Issuance
Issuance of this permit is almost completely discretionary and New Jersey has a policy of strictly limiting permits to persons specifically employed in security work and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self protection.