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Welcome to the Lincoln Park Green Living Page!
Here in Lincoln Park we try to do our best to "Go Green!" Check out Recycling for more municipal information. Below are current town promotions, events, and fundraisers that can help your effort to be green, as well as some helpful tips!


Living the green life

Green Living Ideas

Plant Pollinator Friendly Plants

Extensive use of pesticides has posed a threat to natural pollinators, causing colony collapse disorder in bee populations. By growing pollinator-friendly plants in your garden pollinator populations can increase the pollination of fruits and seeds. 

Pollinators need two essential components in their habitat: flowers from which to gather nectar and pollen and places to nest. Conservation practices such as field borders, cover crops, conservation cover, filter strips, critical area planting, tree/shrub planting and more can provide food (pollen and nectar) and nesting sites for local native pollinators and honey bees. Native plants are the best choices for conservation plantings because plants and their pollinators have evolved together over thousands of years.
For more information go to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Lincoln Park is Living Green 

Thanks to the green thumb of Tom Cottrell, DPW
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Lincoln Park 
Interactive Map

The Lincoln park interactive map is a map of the town including info for all the businesses, recreational facilities, borough facilities, healthcare services, and more!  With this map you route your walk or run, and see how far your destination is.
By clicking on each point you can read more information about that specific site such as address, name of business, and you can see which businesses are partnering with our Eat Well. Live Well. Lincoln Park program. 
Click on the link for access, then click on box in top left corner for map menu items.
Lincoln Park Map

Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign

The Borough of Lincoln Park supports the "Buy Fresh Buy Local" campaign to support local businesses and farms, but also to encourage consumers to purchase the healthiest, freshest and most nutritious products available. The following links provide access to farms and farmers' markets in New Jersey, local farms in the immediate areas, as well as the Shoprite of Lincoln Park, that supports the "Buy Fresh Buy Local" campaign when produce is in season. So do something good for yourself and your family by buying fresh and local today!

Borinski Farms
Gooserock Farm
Jersey Fresh
Shoprite of Lincoln Park

buy local

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners there are resources available to you to help decrease your energy use, reduce bills and lessen your impact on climate change. Rebates and loans exist to help offset the costs of installing upgrades.

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