Flood Gauge Sites

We hope this helps provide additional real time information to citizens during heavy rainfall or potential flooding situations:

  • 01388500 - Pompton River at Pompton Plains, New Jersey
  • 01388700 - Beaver Dam Brook at Lincoln Park, New Jersey
  • 01388910 - Pompton River at Mountain View, New Jersey
  • 01389005 - Passaic River below Pompton River at Two Bridges, New Jersey
All graphs and gauges will be updated as time goes on to provide more detail as to flood stages and local impacts depending upon the level.


  • Christie Administration, National Weather Service Announce New Interactive Flood Warning Maps for Passaic River Basin - The latest in a series of online, interactive flood-preparation maps designed to assist emergency management personnel and keep residents in the Passaic River Basin informed about flooding events in real time has been launched, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Bob Martin announced today. 7 flood inundation maps, covering portions of 20 northern New Jersey municipalities, are now available online through the National Weather Service, a component of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Inundation Mapping Locations - Utilizing the Google-maps based interface, users can zoom into the northern New Jersey area and select one of the multiple flood map locations. Once the specific map displays, users can observe major flooding levels and water depth information in their neighborhoods. The interface also has roam and geolocation capabilities, as well as historic flood information for each location that allows viewers to compare a current flood forecast to earlier weather events.
  • How to Use the Map - An online video instructing how to use the maps can be found on YouTube.