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To report mosquito issues contact:
Morris County Mosquito Commission 
Phone :973-285-6450


To view the current schedule from Morris County Mosquito Control click HERE

Keep in mind that there are very strict regulations that we must follow regarding spraying.  Things such as wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and temperature all factor into whether or not spraying may be performed on any given day. 

You can help by eliminating  standing water. Check the following in your yard:

      Roof gutters and rain barrels. Boats and birdbaths. Cans, bottles, and plastic bags. Flower pots and vases.
Unused swimming and wading pools. Wheelbarrows and mortar tubs. Ornamental pools and fountains
Cellars and crawl spaces. Old tires and tire ruts.
Drain or dump once a week!!  
Mosquitoes breed in water and  must have water for at least 7 days to complete their development.

Borough of Lincoln Park Department of Public Works
Contact:  973-270-2058 to report mosquito complaints

DPW will be spraying on/or about the following dates - weather permitting.

Monday, June 6: ZONE 2

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Prevent Mosquito Bites   Information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention



How do I chose an insect repellent?

Marching Mosquitoes
The Morris County Division of Mosquito Control
The Morris County Division of Mosquito Control, founded in 1928 as the Morris County Mosquito Commission, has the goal of reducing the number of nuisance and disease transmitting mosquitoes within the county. The Division employs a number of techniques to provide this service to residents with minimal impact on the environment.

1) Water Management - The Division carries out extensive efforts to remove blockages from Morris County waterways, and to maintain drainage systems as needed. 

2) Larval Control - Mosquitoes all start out in water as larvae, or "wrigglers".  We choose products that are specific for mosquitoes and have minimal or no effect on other organisms in the aquatic environment. Locations receive treatment only when surveys show that large numbers of mosquitoes are a threat to populated regions. These products applied by hand crews, by all terrain vehicles, or by helicopter. Larval habitats are treated only when larvae are present

3) Adult Control - Although this is the most visible aspect of mosquito control, we consider this to be a last resort. We try to stop mosquitoes before they are out and flying around. When adult control is needed because of a severe mosquito infestation, we generally use truck mounted sprayers that apply 1/2 - 1 ounce of material per acre. Homeowners can help control mosquitoes by making sure they do not have containers around the home that hold water. Buckets, gutters, birdbaths, toys, tarpaulins and anything else that can contain water should be emptied or removed from the yard. Do not dispose of leaves and grass clippings in ditches, streams or catch basins. Make sure your screens are in good repair and consider moving inside during periods of high mosquito activity (early evening and early morning)

Where can I find more specific information on mosquito spraying in Morris County, and how will I be notified of the spaying?
Call the Morris County Division of Mosquito Control at 973-285-6450
Visit the website at

Pesticide Information

Duet Dual-ActionAdulticide
Etofenprox Adulticide