Summer Camps

K-6 Summer Camp - June 27 thru August 19, 2022

Camp begins on Monday, June 27, 2022 at the Lincoln Park Middle School located at 92 Ryerson Road.  Drop-off is located the rear of the building by the Board of Education Offices parking lot.  

Camp begins at 8:30am, "before care" is not offered and early drop-offs are not permitted. Camp ends at 12:30pm, "after care" is not offered.  If there is an emergency, please contact the Camp Directors to let us know you will be late.  

DROP-OFF:  camp offers a drive-thru drop-off system in which camp counselors will approach your vehicle, greet your child and assist them in exiting the vehicle, campers then check-in with the Camp Director.  If you prefer to walk your child to the check-in doors, you can park in the main lot and walk back to the check-in area.  

PICK-UP:  this is also a drive-thru pick-up service.  The counselors will approach your vehicle to confirm who you are picking up.  If someone other that your designated pick-up person is requesting your camper, we require written permission.  The same requirement is needed for campers going home with their friends.

WALKERS:  If your camper is walking or biking to or from camp, please send a note with permission. Kindly advise if this is permission for the entire summer.  You may also email us at

CAMP TRIPS:  camp trips are scheduled and are optional for an addtional fee.  Stay-back camp is not being offered in 2022, so if your camper is not attending the scheduled trip they will need to stay home that day.  


  • Cathy Adubato, Camp Director,   973-525-6646
  • email:
  • Janet Cassidy, Superintendent of Recreation  973-908-1012
  • LP Middle School - 92 Ryerson Road Lincoln Park, NJ
  • LP Lake - 37 Ryerson Road, Lincoln Park, NJ  


  • Please send your camper to camp each day with a snack and a water bottle. Please label all of your camper's items.
  • Campers will spend the majority of the day outdoors so sunscreen should be applied before camp.  Our staff is not permitted to apply sunscreen, so we suggest packing SPRAY sunscreen for additional application during the day.  
  • MEDICATIONS:  Medications, (prescribed or over-the-counter) are not permitted at camp.  EPI-PENS are permitted if submitted to the Camp Director in original box with prescription label.
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION:  Please address all health concerns with the camp directors.  Basic care will be administered at camp for all minor incidents.  Should an injury require emergency medical treatments, we will notify the parent or emergency contact.   
  • ABSENCES: If your camper will be absent, please e-mail us at or call/text the Camp Director at 973-525-6646.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS - Electronics/Cell Phones/Toys:  Campers are advised not to bring anything of monetary or sentimental value to camp.  The Borough of Lincoln Park will not be responsible if such items are lost, stolen or broken. 
  • SHIRTS:   Camp shirts will be distributed the first day of the first week your camper attends camp. Shirt sizes are not guaranteed on registrations after June 3.  Shirts are to be worn on camp trip days.  
  • FOOTWEAR:  Sneakers are required for camp days.  
  • SNACKS & DRINKS:  We do advise that each camper bring a snack and water bottle each day.  The Camp will supply ice-pops at the end of each day, time permitting. 
  • LAKE DAYS:  scheduled for TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, weather permitting. Drop-off / pick-up at the LP Community Lake, same times.  Swimming is optional and there are other activities planned for non-swimmers.  The Lake is staffed with Lifeguards and each child must have written permission slip to swim.  SIGNED SWIM PERMISSION IS MANDATORY.  Please send your child wearing thier swimsuit under their outfit.  Please send a towel and be sure to apply sunscreen before camp.   Flip-flops may be worn on Lake Days. 
  • SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS:  Please contact the Camp Directors to discuss any special concerns and/or accommodations that will enhance your child's camp experience.  We will attempt to address all requests - all information is confidential.
  • ILLNESSES:  If your camper has a temperature, is sick or shows any symptoms or other signs of illness, they should stay home.  If the Camp Directors feel that your camper is showing any symptoms of illness, you will be contacted and requested to pick up your camper.
  • COVID PROTOCOLS:  Should your child test positive for COVID, and/or has symptoms consistent with those associated with COVID and/or has been identified as a close contact, you are obligated to notify the Lincoln Park Recreation Department immediately and will follow the most recent guidelines released by the CDC and NJ Department of Health.  


  • 8:30am - 9am:  check-in and open play
  • 9-9:15am:  campers gather in squads for morning meeting
  • 9:15am - 12pm:  rotating actvities, organized team games, small group play, crafts, game room, open play, playground activties and snack
  • 12pm - 12:15pm:   campers gather for ice-pops and info about next day
  • 12:15pm - 12:30pm:  dismissal  
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QUESTIONS?    e-mail us at


Submit forms to the LP Recreation Department or mail to:

Lincoln Park Recreation

34 Chapel Hill Rd  

Lincoln Park, NJ  07035    








¨ K-6 Camp Registration

¨ Little Kids Camp Registration

¨ Camp Packet - Medical Authorization and other waivers 





In the past we have offered “stay-back” camp for those campers not wanting to attend the scheduled trip, but we have seen a decrease in those numbers to as low as five (5) campers.  The State dictates our counselor to camper ratio which means that even if we have five (5) campers at the “stay-back” camp, we are required to staff the camp with a Camp Director and two (2) counselors.  We have had several days in which families have advised that they will attend “stay-back” camp and then simply do not show up, (sometimes without a phone call or other notice).  This resulted in a staff of one (1) Director and two (2) counselors for only two (2) campers. 

We looked at other towns and what they offered in 2022 and here are some of the hourly rates compared to Lincoln Park.  

LINCOLN PARK:  $4.00/hr before May 27, $4.50/hr before June 26, $5.00/hr after June 26

 •           Pequannock:   $4.00  - outdoor camp – camp not held on rainy days 

•           Boonton:         $4.20/hr before May 15,  $5.00/hr after May 15

•           Montville:       $5.40/hr before April 18,  $ after April 18

•           Spa 23:            $8.09/hr  camp is an outdoor camp at P.V. Park

Lincoln Park Summer Camp has not raised it fees since 2018, yet all the other outside costs have drastically risen including the minimum wage for our counselors.  The 2018 minimum wage was $7.25 and has risen to $11.90 for seasonal workers.  We feel the 2022 fees are more than reasonable given the fact that the campers are in a safe environment with indoor facilities staffed with directors and counselors with CPR training.  

We have not posted the list of optional trips for 2022 as we are still calculating the pricing for each trip.  The fee depends on the lowest cost we can negotiate with the venue as well as transportation costs, (which include buses and current gas prices).  Week #2, (July 5-8) will include a trip at no additional cost to offset the shortened week and there are no trips planned for Week #8. 

We have added extras to camp without any additional fees, such as breakfast before trips, pizza lunches, ice-cream trucks, and “Painting with a Twist”, just to name a few.  We have a very late cut-off date of May 27 for the early bird registration, while some towns end their discount on April 18.  Even our early bird cut-off date is later than all the other camps that we have listed and our regular rate ends the weekend before camp.  

CR is live


If you do not want to pay by credit card, check the PAY LATER box at check-out,  Mail or drop-off your payment to

Borough of Lincoln Park - Recreation 

34 Chapel Hill Road  Lincoln Park, NJ  07035


PROGRAMS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE:   The Lincoln Park Recreation Department does not offer refunds UNLESS the Borough cancels a program/session/class.