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Healthy Eating
We are doing a lot of great things in Lincoln Park to help people live well!
From walking paths and healthy menus to green living, you will be amazed at what a small town can do! So look through our pages and find out how you can make the right choices and add years to your life and life to your years!

Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign

The Borough of Lincoln Park supports the "Buy Fresh Buy Local" campaign to support local businesses and farms, but also to encourage consumers to purchase the healthiest, freshest and most nutritious products available. The following links provide access to farms and farmers' markets in New Jersey, local farms in the immediate areas, as well as the Shoprite of Lincoln Park, that supports the "Buy Fresh Buy Local" campaign when produce is in season. So do something good for yourself and your family by buying fresh and local today!

Local Farms & Farmer's Markets

Why Buy Local Produce?

There are a variety of reasons why you should buy local produce, and they include everything from freshness and flavor to the economic and environmental benefits that come with sourcing produce nearby. Continue reading....

Healthy Communities Network


Read more in our monthly blog http://www.njhcn.org/ and under our new logo "Eat Well. Live Well. Lincoln Park." 

"Eat Well. Live Well. Lincoln Park" Partners

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eat well live well in store
The Lincoln Park Care Center and JDT Medical Rehab Center are embracing the "Eat Well. Live Well. Lincoln Park" initiative!
ShopRite of Lincoln Park proudly displays the "Eat Well. Live Well. Lincoln Park" banner!

Employee Wellness Program

Lincoln Park is not only committed to improving the health and well-being of our community but of our employees as well! The purpose of work site wellness programs is to improve the health and productivity of the staff and reduce health-related costs by helping to change towards a healthy lifestyle.
The relationship between modifiable health risks and annual healthcare costs:
Depression - 70% higher
Stress - 46% higher
Elevated blood sugar - 35% higher
Obesity - 21% higher
Smokers - 20% higher
High Blood Pressure - 12% higher
Not Exercising 10% higher
We are providing tools for our employees to help them achieve better health.
We strive to practice what we preach!


Monday Campaign

Monday is the day most people are likely to start anew and get healthy. People view Monday as a day for a fresh start and are more likely to start diets and exercise regimes, quit smoking and schedule doctor’s appointments on Monday than any other day.
And a Monday start helps them carry out their healthy intentions for the week.
For more information on the Monday Campaign go to: