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CDC Update

Mayor David Runfeldt - April 1, 2020


Dear Lincoln Park Community,

I have spent the last few weeks doing my best to keep all of Lincoln Park informed as to the myriad of recommendations, requirements, guidelines and best practices on how to be ready for the arrival and spread of the corona virus in our community.  Unfortunately, I have also spent the last few days, sadly, informing you of the amount of positive cases of COVID-19 that have taken hold of us here in town.

As both Mayor and Emergency Management Coordinator, I have tried to lead and offer facts rather than react and allow rumors to run rampant.  I take both my elected position and my appointed position as seriously as I take the health and safety of my own family.  I hope this gives you some assurance that I, all of your town officials and employees, are doing everything within our power to keep you, and your family, safe and healthy during this very trying time.

The number of infected people here in Lincoln Park continues to rise, and we are starting to see some more serious cases of the disease.  It is also likely that sometime in the not too distant future that I will have to bring you the heartbreaking news that the disease will have taken the life of someone from our great community. 

I cannot stress the importance of continuing to follow the recommendations of the CDC, NJ Dept. of Health and our local officials.  Please consider these recommendations to be the MINIMUM you should be doing.  Adhering to this advice will help curb the spread of the disease and get us back to life as normal as quickly as we can.

There have been some truly tremendous efforts by organizations and individuals that you may or may not be aware of.  I have been approached by many individuals with ideas on how they can help those in our community that need assistance.  College kids home from school, elementary and high school students forced to do their work from home, adults who have lost their jobs, local businesses, neighbors and strangers have all stepped up with ideas and offers to help others.  This is what makes our community the great, caring community it is.

Our first responders continue to work around the clock, often putting themselves in harm’s way, to protect you.  Even a routine traffic stop for any of our police officers, increases their potential exposure to the virus.  Our Fire Department and First Aid squad – volunteers all – respond to all sorts of calls from serious health emergencies and working structure fires to sprained ankles and dead batteries in smoke alarms.  Each and every one of these calls, serious or not, put these men and women at an increased risk of exposure to the virus.  Please join me in showing appreciation for the efforts of each and every one of our great Fire and EMS volunteers and all of the members of our Police Department.

I cannot stress how dedicated our town officials and employees are to this community, and more importantly, to your safety and well-being.  Everyone in our clerical staff, administration, public works, food panty and all departments have made extra efforts to continue to help you.  Even though we have had to make adjustments to how we can assist you, I feel that every one of our town personnel has gone above and beyond to provide you with as much normal service as possible.  Staggered shifts, longer days, and bringing work home…all subject to change in a moment’s notice…has not interrupted our capacity and desire to continue to serve you.

Although I could name an instance where every employee has given extra effort, I would like to personally thank both our Recreation and Health Departments.   Although many of the normal functions of the Recreation Department have been put on hold, it is also their responsibility to help me get all of this information to you.  Any time of day, any day of the week, they are available to assist me in reaching you with important news and updates.  Our Health Department has been on top of this crisis in town since before most people realized it was a crisis.  The proactive actions of our Health Department and their professionalism, concern and care for your health will serve us well as things progress.  Even more impressive is that these departments continue to go out of their way to ask me how they can help.

It is always an honor and a privilege to serve you.  I take incredible pride in the actions and efforts I make for the betterment of this community, a community which has been my home for 50 years.  At the same time, I am truly amazed by the actions of EVERYONE in this great community and how we all complement each other. 

I look forward to the end of this disaster and a return to normalcy for all of us.  I hope and pray for your health, wellness and happiness now and always.

 Mayor David Runfeldt